Every bike that filters past really is one less car in the queue in front.

one less car in the queue

It’s a simple concept for a car driver to understand.  Every motorcycle that filters past a driver sitting in a queue of traffic really is one less car in the queue in front.  It therefore makes sense even for the car driver to look out for, and leave space for filtering motorcycles.

So why do we hear so many arguments along the following line?

“If the motorcyclist is filtering past me then he has come from behind.  If he stayed in his car he would remain behind me.”

The rebuttal.


Firstly, this argument selfishly ignores the spirit of the Filter Friendly campaign – to look out for riders and avoid knocking them off.

Secondly, this is the short-sighted logic of a driver that doesn’t want to understand.  So probably the kind of driver that we most need to engage with.


If these drivers really applied a bit of critical thought they would have to accept the truth of the statement.

Let’s look at it in detail:

The motorcyclist is filtering past the driver sat in a jam on his way to work. 

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the motorcyclist will arrive at work before the driver.

It is also sensible to assume that the motorcyclist doesn’t aim to arrive at work any earlier than is necessary.  He doesn’t want to upset his boss, but he doesn’t get a bonus for arriving early.

So, if the motorcyclist was to switch to commuting in his car he would clearly need to leave home earlier as he knows there will be a big queue on the route.

Therefore, that motorcyclist (now driving) would need to be further ahead in the queue so that he doesn’t invoke the wrath of his boss.

Conclusion: every motorcyclist filtering past the car driver rather than taking to four wheels and having to join the queue before him is clearly representing one less car in front of that driver.

Filter Friendly

Share the Filter Friendly message


So, this Ride To Work Day, please share the Filter Friendly message. We need car drivers to look out for us as we filter through the traffic.  And yes, those drivers do all benefit from the fact that we are filtering.

If you hear the argument about the rider not representing one less car in front, please take the time to politely explain. 

Riding To Work is a benefit for everyone, even those who struggle to grasp the concept.

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