Ride To Work Day 2022 is nearly here.

Ride To Work Day 2022

Can you help?

The mission for Ride To Work Day 2022 is simple:

To encourage record-breaking numbers of riders to participate in the 31st International Ride To Work Day.

As riders I am sure we are all aware that we cannot rely on anyone else to promote the benefits of riding a motorcycle to work.  I remain astounded by the Government’s continued refusal to promote the clear benefits of modal shift from single occupancy cars to motorcycles.  But their myopia is in no way reflective of a fundamental flaw in the logic.  I know that, you know that.  So, let’s take this opportunity to create a buzz – to get the rest of the world to wake up to the opportunities that are being missed.

How do we do that?

On an individual level it is not a complicated ask.  If every licensed motorcycle in the UK is on the road on the morning of 20th June there will be over three million of us.  Riding to work is a great and increasingly popular choice for commuting from home to work. 

We will also have greatly reduced the number of cars on the road.  Everyone’s journey will be that little bit less congested.


If you have a motorcycle and you also have a job, then ride your motorcycle to work on Monday 20th June.  Do you work from home?  Then take the scenic route from your bedroom to your home office. Are you retired?  Why not offer a pillion ride to your old boss or a former colleague that does not have a bike?


To achieve record breaking numbers we need a coordinated effort.  If you are going to commit to riding your motorcycle to work, make sure that every one of your work colleagues knows.  Do you have colleagues who ride?  Then ask them to join you on the 20th June.  If you are the only rider at your place of work maybe it’s time to start explaining the benefits of riding to work.


We have a selection of resources to help you get the word out there.  Please use them. 


As I said if we don’t, who will?

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