Are drivers right to be upset by filtering motorcycles?

Drivers can be upset by filtering motorcycles
Do motorcycles make you feel like this?

We’ve all been there.  You are sitting nose to tail in a traffic jam, getting increasingly frustrated by the delays Your busy schedule is rapidly disappearing out the window.  Your auto cut off engine leaves you shivering in winter or sweating in summer.  You suck on the fumes from the diesel lorry in front.  And then some lout on a motorcycle nearly takes off your mirror as he forces his way past.  How dare he?  Filtering motorcycles do upset drivers.


It’s not surprising that many car drivers detest motorcyclists.  Some may even deliberately position their cars to prevent two wheeled hooligans from getting ahead.  After all what right have they to jump the queue?


The other side of the coin


Whilst outrage from upset drivers may be understandable there is another way of looking at this.

Those filtering motorcyclists could jump in a car like you.  The chances then are that they would be yet another car in that queue in front of you.

They could sit patiently in the queue. But then their exhaust fumes would be adding far more pollution to the air you are breathing.

Have you stopped to think that by riding a motorcycle, that rider has reduced the competition for that last parking place at your destination?

When you get there, that biker might be the person that got there before you and is now preparing you your preferred beverage.

That rider is probably also one less person that is going to engage you in a dreary conversation about how bad the traffic was today.


The bottom line is that there are many advantages to drivers if they just let the bikes past.  Let’s all join together with Disney’s Elsa in a rousing chorus of “Let it go”.  Give them a friendly wave or a thumbs up, regain your Zen – they really are nice people.

Please take a look at the Ride To Work Day campaign, and heed the calls to be Filter Friendly.

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Still jealous?

If you are still not feeling it, if you still think they are taking liberties, there is one final point to make here.

Motorcycling is open to anyone.  If you really think they are getting a better deal, why not join them?  It’s not a closed shop. With just a little training, you too could be saving time on your commute, enjoying a fulfilling trip free from delay, parking for free, and preparing drinks for frustrated car drivers with a smug look on your face.

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