Nine reasons to love riding a motorcycle to work

As we count down to Ride To Work Day, what are the top nine reasons why you will love riding a motorcycle to work?

In no particular order:

1: Dodge the disease:

Social distancing makes the crush on public transport more questionable than ever.  Over the last year we have all been reminded of our fears of catching something we would rather not catch as we make our way to the daily grind.

On your motorcycle or scooter you can put all those fears behind you.  Ditch the face mask, reveal your smile.  Yes riding to work can keep your good health intact, without the misery of masks or worries about personal space invasions.

2: Beat the jam

So you don’t need a face mask in a car? True, but can you glide past endless queues of bumper to bumper misery in your car?

Filtering past traffic jams is one of the joys of commuting on a motorcycle.  Space on our roads is at a premium, but those gaps between idling cars are yours for the taking.  Play it safe, don’t get over ambitious, but make sure you utilise every square foot of tarmac.  We’ll even allow you to feel slightly self-righteous as you won’t be adding to the length of those traffic jams.


3: Get fresh

Gridlocked roads lead to a major issue – poor air quality. 

Jumping on a motorcycle means you are playing your part to reduce emissions.  You may not have heard of NOx and Particulates a few years ago, but rest assured your motorcycle or scooter will kick out less of them than a car.  Of course, zero emissions cars are hitting the roads – and so too are zero emissions motorcycles.  But although an electric car may not issue nasty stuff from a tailpipe, it still produces more tyre and brake wear than a motorcycle.  

love riding to work on electric

4: Save the planet

Whether you consider yourself an eco-warrior or simply care about reducing your carbon footprint -riding to work, you’ve made the right choice. 

It’s more than just tailpipe emissions again.  The amount of materials and energy going into the manufacture of a motorcycle is far lower than any car.  Motorcycles also tend to be kept running far longer than cars.  Good old fashioned repair and re-use is alive and kicking in the riding community.  Wear your green heart on your sleeve.

5: Tick-Tock

No, I’m too old to know what to do on new social media platforms – I’m talking about Old Father Time.

Your ability to glide past traffic jams means that you save plenty of time on your commute.  In fact, you will have enough time to filter your coffee before you knuckle down if you filter on your way to work!

save time and chill out

6: Chill

We all lead stressful lives and the commute is probably one of the most stressful parts of your day.

Forget the stress when you ride your scooter or motorcycle to work.  Let the cares of the day wash away.  It’s proven that riders are the least stressed commuters.  Share your smile with your colleagues who don’t ride to work.  They will need the lift.

7: Park it

Real estate in our towns and city centres is at a premium.  Your employer’s car park may be somewhat limited too. 

Park your motorcycle along with at least four others in the space needed for just one car.  Parking on the street or in local car parks can also be free in many places, so one less expense to worry about.

parking motorcycles saves space
Photo by Sam Loyd on Unsplash

8: Save your pennies

Your granny may have taught you that if you save your pennies the pounds look after themselves.  Well then, she would love to hear you are riding a motorcycle to work.

From fuel to congestion charges, ducking under clean air zone thresholds or free parking, there are plenty of ways that riding a motorcycle helps you to save what you go to work to earn.  Let’s face it: we can all find better things to spend it on.

love riding to work

9: Fun in the sun

Well, come on, you knew where we were going with this didn’t you? 

Yes, riding a motorcycle to work is the most fun you can have on your commute.  Whether you are going to work or accessing education or training, you will have more fun getting there on a scooter or motorcycle than you could ever hope to in a car.

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