The Power of Pillion – Everyone can get involved

Ride To Work Day - The Power of Pillion

You don’t need a big bike to take part in Ride To Work Day.  If it has two wheels and a motor it qualifies. 

Don’t have a bike? don’t feel excluded.  You don’t even need to be able to ride to take part!  Ask someone who does ride to give you a lift.

The Power of Pillion


Did you know that 89% of car commutes are single occupancy trips?  Wouldn’t it make sense for some of those lone drivers to consider the benefits of two wheels?  This should get us thinking about the pillion seat on motorcycles.  After all a similar percentage of motorcycle commutes are single occupancy.

How often do we stop to think that we could offer one of the nine in every ten single occupancy car commuters the opportunity for a lift on the back of our bikes?


For some, myself included, a pillion ride is their first exposure to the world of motorcycle commuting.  For me it was while I was a student.  A friend offered me a lift to campus on the back of his 250cc Honda Super Dream.  I never looked back and very soon I was riding my own motorcycle to lectures and eventually to work.

If you don’t ride, have you considered asking for a lift on a colleague’s motorcycle?


If you ride, have you considered offering a pillion ride to a workmate on Ride To Work Day?


I hear many retirees each year complaining that they can’t ride to work.  Well, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to get involved in Ride To Work Day. 

Find someone who would otherwise be driving to work on Monday 20th June and offer them a pillion ride for the day. 


Once they have seen for themselves how they too can be filtering past lines of nose to tail cars and vans, they may realise that making the switch is a good idea.


Make sure your insurance covers you to take a pillion.  Make sure your pillion is properly kitted out.  Then make their day and change their life by allowing them to experience first hand why more people are turning to motorcycles for their daily commute.

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