Riding a motorcycle to work: it’s win, win, win.

For some the fun enjoyed whilst riding a motorcycle to work triggers bright ideas.  For one motorcycle commuter riding to work extended to riding for work as well.

Dave Sawicki knows all about the advantages of riding a motorcycle to work.  On changing jobs recently a great idea occurred to him.  Rather than having a company pool car for staff, why didn’t his boss try having a company motorcycle instead? 

Dave is proof that if you ask and your boss is smart, you do get. I asked Dave to spill the beans.  Here’s the story……

company motorcycle

Company motorcycle

Well yes, after a cheeky suggestion that maybe a ‘company motorcycle’ would work out better than a company or pool car, here is our new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650!

MD Paul Kuebler, a German national who’s lived in the UK for some 30 years, was keen to run with this idea.  He fancied a 500 Bullet or Classic, but as that model/engine is being phased out he plumbed for the latest 650 model.

Premier Plant Hire has existed since 1974 and Paul bought the company in 2006.  Using his career experiences in logistics he pushed it forward from a ‘local tool shop for local builders’ to the successful London-wide plant and tool hire company it is today.

As well as general plant and tools we specialise in working with our clients, especially the basement conversion companies.  Basement conversion is a very popular housing development in London that is spreading nationally.

Conveyor belt systems bring the ‘arisings’ to the surface straight into skips or muck-away lorries.  This saves time and labour and minimises disruption and disturbance to neighbours.

Micro-diggers are very popular in the field too.

Paul and a small team of experts developed diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems for micro-diggers.  Eliminating emissions from the diggers makes the working environment safer.  The DPFs can be installed in minutes to any diesel powered plant that doesn’t already have one. These bolt-on filters remove over 99% of exhaust particulates and are simple to use.

ride to work and ride for work

Helping the environment

As we’re London based we always do our bit to help the environment and support cleaner air policies.  We run a fleet of modern lorries and vans, and drivers are trained to drive appropriately.

We are keen to be seen to do our bit especially as it ties in nicely with our dpf systems.

For Paul and I to visit customers at their project sites or offices, the bike is going to be such a useful tool.  Filtering through traffic, easy parking, and the large top box tick all the boxes.  We can carry a laptop, literature, change of clothes when weather changes.  Maybe we will even make express deliveries of a last-minute power tools!

My own two wheelers are a classic Lambretta and Vespa, so the Royal Enfield is a bit different to what I’m normally used to, though I have owned a Bonneville in recent years.

By train my commute takes one and a half hours door to door.  By bike it is just one hour.  I now have the extra fun of riding for work as well as riding to work. 

Paul will use the company bike too to visit customers’ sites and offices.

We must extend a big thank you to Ian at Bowen Moto in Chatham for sorting the bike so quickly for us and for arranging top box installation and delivery. Five star service!!

Win, win, win

So there we have it.  From saving himself half an hour on his commute to increasing the productivity of his company, everyone’s a winner.  Dave won, his boss won, their clients won and all road users benefitted from one less four wheeler on London’s congested road network. 

Maybe we’re on to something here!

Join us for Ride To Work Day, Monday 21st June 2021
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