How to multiply the benefits of motorcycling: share them

What should supporters of the Ride To Work Day campaign do to support it?  The answer is simple: share the fun and benefits of motorcycling and riding to work!

share benefits of motorcycling

There is no need to be selfish about it.  The benefit that you gain from riding a motorcycle to work does not diminish if others do it too.  In fact, the benefits are amplified the more people ride to work.  As the numbers of motorcycle commuters increases, the congestion decreases, the air gets cleaner, less carbon is emitted, and the more smiling faces you will see on a Monday morning.

We sometimes get established motorcycle commuters asking us why they need this campaign, and indeed there is no need for us to sing to the choir.  But by running the campaign and getting more people to support it, we deliver more results, and yes – more fun, for all.  If you feel that riding to work is a secret that needs to be kept, you are missing the point.

So what can an individual rider do to promote the campaign?

The short answer is: let the secret out!  If you hear someone complain about personal space on public transport, tell them why you ride to work.  If someone complains about the cost of their commute, tell them why you ride to work.  Maybe you get into a conversation about reducing carbon footprints – you guessed it:- tell them why you ride to work. 

You don’t need to be a bore, but there is no need to be apologetic about the fact that you know the best way to get to work. 

Why don’t you make your work colleagues a coffee ready for when they finally arrive?  They will appreciate it and if you all leave home at the same time, chances are you will be there long before them.

Have you considered being more ambitious?  Why not arrange a breakfast or barbecue for the riders at your place of work?  Just don’t forget to invite all the poor devils that don’t ride as well.  Why not ask your boss to incentivise the team to ride to work by providing vouchers for motorcycle training?  If they ask why they should do it, ask them about their green credentials and remind them of the good press they could get for promoting more sustainable travel amongst their workforce.  Maybe you could arrange a motorcycle charity run to raise funds for the company’s preferred charity?

The options are endless, so be creative.  Above all have fun!

What can clubs and riding groups do?

If you have a social media presence, please do share the news about the Ride To Work Day campaign. Why not organise a community drop-in event where you explain the joys of riding a motorcycle to non-riders.  Speak to your local dealership to see if they will host a gathering.  Advertise it to your local community as an event for all.  We are not being selfish about it. We want to recruit those who may be tempted to give it a go, or at least let those who decide it is not for them understand that they too receive a benefit from others’ decision to ride to work.

If your club or Facebook group hasn’t already done so, sign up as official supporters by dropping us a line at .  Check out the website for posters that you can download and print.  Got a great event planned?  Let us know and we will help advertise it.  It’s all about getting involved and having fun.  Who has a problem with that?

Local authority or employer? – you can do your bit too.

Local authorities can facilitate more people commuting by motorcycle by ensuring all businesses consider motorcycles in their travel plans.  Make sure that motorcycle parking is abundant and secure, and if you operate bus lanes make sure you grant access to riders.  Most importantly, remember to suggest motorcycling as a sustainable transport choice in all your literature.


motorcycle access to bus lanes
Motorcycle Action Group reps campaign for motorcycle access to all bus lanes

The transport headaches that all local authorities face can be reduced by positively promoting motorcycling as a legitimate and fun commuting choice.

If you have a workforce of your own, consider the benefits of a happy productive workforce that takes less time off with stress related problems and turns up on time every day.  Facilitating the choice is not onerous.  Make sure you have changing facilities and storage for riding kit.  Consider what you can do to help your employees ride safely. 

If you don’t like your employees having fun, wake up and drag yourself out of the 19th century!!

Sign up as official supporters of Ride To Work Day by dropping us an email at .  Display the Ride To Work Day supporter logo with pride.

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