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Making the motorcycle commute better!

If you don’t like that Monday feeling you are probably not alone.  But from this year, you don’t need to bear that sinking feeling when it comes to Ride To Work Day.  We are holding them on the second Tuesday of June from now on.  So there is no Monday […]

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Workplace Motorcycle Parking: the evidence.

Our Ride To Work Day survey of workplace motorcycle parking provision has revealed some interesting evidence. The first factor to bear in mind in any survey is who responded.  Our responses were more heavily weighted towards employees who do choose to ride to work, and 76% of our respondents said […]

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Please Complete Our 2023 Workplace Parking Survey

For Ride To Work Day 2023, the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is investigating workplace parking facilities.  Our survey asks riders for details covering the availability, quality and security of workplace motorcycle parking.  One thing cannot be denied; if you ride to work you are going to need somewhere to park […]

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Embrace Two-Wheeled Freedom for a Thrilling Commute

Every year, on the third Monday of June, motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide come together to celebrate International Ride to Work Day. This exhilarating event promotes the use of motorcycles as a practical and thrilling means of transportation. In the United Kingdom, where two-wheeled commuting has gained popularity, this day serves as […]

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Motorcycle commuting: the success story no one reports.

Motorcycle commuting is a success story that never gets reported.  Why should that be? Re-evaluating transport choices. Environmental concerns and the Covid era have seen many people re-evaluating their transport choices.  It is hardly surprising that when people stop to think through the pros and cons many conclude that motorcycling […]

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