Making the motorcycle commute better!

If you don’t like that Monday feeling you are probably not alone.  But from this year, you don’t need to bear that sinking feeling when it comes to Ride To Work Day.  We are holding them on the second Tuesday of June from now on.  So there is no Monday feeling to dampen your enjoyment.

Making the motorcycle commute better!

You may have noticed that RTW Day this year is falling right in the middle of a general election.

Technically, on Ride To Work Day 2024 there will not be a single MP in the country. Parliament has been dissolved and no parliament means no MPs. If that doesn’t add to your sense of wellbeing as you ride to work, what will?

It seems fitting that we stop to think about how the future government could help to make riding to work better. Make it a much more commonplace, uplifting and beneficial experience.


We have long said that the benefits of riding a motorcycle to work extend far beyond the riders.  Every member of society can reap the rewards, whether they personally indulge or not.  Employers too can reap the benefits gained from a happy well-adjusted, stress-free workforce.

Move on Motorcycling

MAG’s Move on Motorcycling manifesto is seeking to lay out a few ideas for would be ministers.


The next PM could take steps to ensure that local authorities plan to improve the lot of motorcyclists.   Transport plans invariably claim that they will deliver a better experience and create a better world.  A better world surely includes a higher proportion of motorcycle commuters.  Strange then that around a quarter of local authorities don’t even acknowledge their existence.

Another great idea in the Move on Motorcycling manifesto is to make sure that motorcycles can access all the precious road space we have.  A policy for motorcycle access in bus lanes is proven to reduce journey times. And it reduces emissions for riders as well as easing congestion for everyone else.  And its not just bus lanes, what about bus gates, traffic filters, and advanced stop lines?  Allowing the motorcyclist’s morning commute to be a short, direct, and stress free event will help. It will encourage more people to leave the car at home.

Of course, free parking that is easy to find and offers security is a must.  We have discussed parking on private employer property in the past. But for many workplaces there is no dedicated parking space.  Councils wanting to see businesses thrive in town and city centres could do themselves a favour by encouraging uptake of vehicles that require far less space.

Riding to work is a great way to be thrifty.  Government can help that to be as economical as possible.  Why not exclude motorcycles from the ever-increasing tolls and charges designed to put off car drivers?  Motorcycles play an active role in reducing congestion and emissions. Support that role by holding off with the charges and we all win.

And finally, of course maintaining the roads in a good state of repair should be a no-brainer.  There seems to be an army of gremlins digging holes in the roads.  Government needs to fund an army of engineers to make roads that are worthy of our roadworthy motorcycles.

Move on Motorcycling - making the motorcycle commute better!

Make the motorcycle commute better!

So this Ride to Work Day make a point of letting your local parliamentary candidates know that if they want your vote they might consider supporting MAG’s Move on Motorcycling manifesto.  Why not offer your favourite candidate a pillion ride so they can experience the joy for themselves?  Do them that small service. After all they are offering to serve as your representative in Westminster. It seems only fair to offer them something in return.

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