Will Ride To Work Day 2020 be cancelled due to COVID-19?

The Ride To Work Day campaign for 2020 will not be stopped by COVID-19.  MAG’s Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement explains why.

Ride To Work Day 2020

Firstly, I will make it crystal clear; the campaign is designed to promote responsible use of motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle for anything other than essential travel is not responsible in the current lock-down environment. 

I find it very sad to say, but leisure riding at present is not essential.  Do not use this campaign to justify ignoring the Government guidelines which will save lives and protect the NHS.

The pandemic that is Coronavirus is having a serious impact on all aspects of life all over the planet. 

We may or may not have passed the peak of the virus by Ride To Work Day on 15th June.  Many of us will have our movements restricted.  That may be due to self-isolation, choosing to work from home, or government guidance on travel.  However, some proportion of the population will need to travel to work on 15th June.

The Coronavirus issue means that avoiding close proximity to others on public transport is the right thing to do.  You keep your face covered in a crash helmet, you wear gloves, and remain at least 2 metres away from others whilst riding.  Motorcycling is an infection prevention technique all on its own.  I might also suggest that turning up on a motorcycle can lead to significant social isolation at work.  The “bad boy” image is ingrained whether consciously or unconsciously in many of our work colleagues.

Ride To Work Day is an awareness campaign

We encourage those who ride at the weekend and then drive a car to work in the week to change their habits.  A second aim is to increase general awareness of the benefits of riding to work – teaching those that don’t understand, that motorcycles on the road benefit all road users.  Finally we will persuade policy makers and employers to do more to facilitate the motorcycle commuter.  That could be by ensuring a safe environment for bikers on the roads, or by supplying sufficient, fit for purpose parking facilities.

The 15th June then is about awareness and spreading the news that motorcycles are good. Motorcycles benefit us the riders. Motorcycles are also good for those that don’t ride them.  We are absolutely not promoting contravention of the current Government advice on essential travel during the pandemic.  The fact remains that a greater proportion of commuters on motorcycles will be a benefit.  This is remains a fact during the pandemic.  It will continue to be the case after the pandemic.

There will be opportunity to do more physical events in future years.  Ride To Work Day 2020 will remain an awareness day.  It will all be about communication from a minimum distance of 2 metres.  Communication is not restricted.  The Ride To Work Day campaign for 2020 will not be stopped by COVID-19

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