Wheels To Work schemes help you to go further on a scooter

Do you need an affordable travel solution to get you to your job, training or education course independently?  Wheels To Work schemes could be the solution.  Mark Smith-Young, the man behind Wheels To Work Silverstone explains how it works.  Could this be your opportunity to join thousands who already Ride To Work?

Wheels To Work Silverstone
Mark Smith-Young

Having run Spyder Motorcycles with my wife for the last 12 years, we set up Wheels to Work Silverstone this year to help less experienced riders and see more young people on two wheels. My social life and work have morphed with Spyder Club and I now get to ride the latest bikes with friends on amazing roads throughout Europe as a job.

Wheels to Work is a government backed transport scheme.  It provides you with an affordable travel solution to get you to your job, training or education course independently.  Enrolling with Wheels to Work comes with many benefits.

These schemes can help if you are struggling with limited public transport, or your commute time is excessive.  Likewise, If you are actively seeking employment, training, or if you work anti-social hours, you may even be eligible for a grant.  This grant can help cover some or all the costs of the scooter, training and protective clothing.

An ability to get to places under your own power makes for a happier and easier life.  Sitting on a multi-stop bus isn’t always the most efficient use of time due to our busy lives.  Looking at people’s faces on the bus it seems like it is not much fun either.  Independent  travel opens up opportunities for a more fulfilled life.

How does it work?

Regardless of your experience, your local Wheels to Work organisation can provide you with everything you need to get you on two wheels.   If you are 16 years old and over, with or without Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) or a motorcycle licence, you can apply.

Your Wheels to Work provider can organise your CBT, if you need it.  Once you have a CBT a motorcycle helmet, jacket and gloves, as well as trousers and boots should you wish, will be issued.   Most importantly, you’ll also receive your new wheels – a scooter or 125 cc motorcycle, for your sole use.

You are now free to travel wherever your opportunities take you.

What does it cost?

Prices will vary. At Wheels To Work Silverstone the scooter hire starts from as little £40 per week.

Another benefit to a Wheels to Work scooter is the prospect of funding.  Throughout the UK councils, charities and other establishments have budgets for transport schemes.  These could provide payments towards the hire of a scooter, clothing and your CBT.  Your local provider will be able to help you with any funding available in your area.


Hire payments include an efficient maintenance service.  Every four to five months a Wheels to Work van will arrive to pick-up your scooter to take it away for a service, leaving you with a freshly serviced machine which you’ll keep for the next 4 to 5 months until the next service interval.

As Wheels to Work insures the scooter for the rider, they cannot be used for courier and delivery work.  For security, you’ll be provided with a lock that must be fitted when the bike is left at any time.

My scheme, Wheels to Work Silverstone, provides these services for its riders located in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire.  We work with regional funding partners to offer the prospect of funding.

So what are you waiting for?

Wheels To Work Silverstone

Are travel challenges holding you back? Maybe you could expand your opportunities with a transport solution that works for you.

With scooter and 125 cc motorcycle hire from Wheels to Work Silverstone you can travel to work, training or education independently.

Here at Wheels to Work Silverstone can help with and/or provide:

  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)
  • Motorcycle protective clothing and helmet
  • An insured 50 or 125 cc scooter/geared motorcycle
  • Scooter maintenance
  • Scooter recovery

For further information visit www.wheelstowork.net to see how we can help or make your Wheels to Work Silverstone application online. You can call 01327 857213 or email us now.

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