Ride To Work: Be sure your boss gets it.

RTW make sure your boss gets it

You ride to work but you need to be sure that your boss gets it.  Does your boss even know that you ride to work?

Does your boss get it?

Are you and your colleagues supported in choosing to ride to work?  It is easy to assume your boss has no interest in how you get to work, but that shouldn’t be the case.


Employers are expected to consider travel plans for their staff. Most councils will claim that they are ‘committed to encouraging travel plans in the workplace’.  They often provide ‘guidance and advice’ to help create a workplace travel plan.

So, there are many guides out there to help employers.  One example I found on a brief Google search states:

“Operating a workplace travel plan can bring many benefits for your business and your staff. In particular, it will save your business money and reduce the impact it has on the environment eg by reducing CO2 emissions.  By managing business travel needs and associated costs, and promoting sustainable alternatives through a travel plan, you will also demonstrate corporate social responsibility while improving staff engagement and retention.”

You guessed it – there is a problem.

The problem with all these guides and useful tips is that they never mention motorcycles.  The focus is always on the usual mantra of reducing reliance on the car by promoting walking, cycling and public transport.

Ride To Work Day gives us the opportunity to remind employers that the motorcycle exists.  What in more it is a viable option that provides all the benefits claimed for the standard solutions promoted.

Employer's Guide

What to do?

If your employer is blind to our transport solution it is time to start a conversation.  The Motorcycle Action Group has produced a simple Employer’s Guide that you can use to start the dialogue.

The first piece of advice is for employers to speak to you.  We want them to ask what you need, so don’t be shy in making demands.  If you need better security, ask.  Do you have changing facilities and suitable storage for your kit?  Does your transport choice just need to be mentioned and accepted?

It is clear that, as with Government. we cannot rely on employers to deliver support for motorcycling.  Help us to demand it. 

So, on Ride To Work Day, please present a copy of our Employer’s Guide to your boss.  Be a bit more vocal in demanding that our choices receive equal consideration.

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