If it’s not on social media it doesn’t count #RideToWork2022

Social Media #RideToWork2022

Don’t forget to share your pictures and video clips with the hashtag #RideToWork2022.  We have to accept these days that if it’s not on social media then it doesn’t count.


It’s your day so celebrate it


Ride To Work Day is your day.  Your chance to do your bit.  Your chance to promote the best kept secret in modern commuting.


There are many good reasons for riding to work.  Each one of us will place more weight in some reasons than others depending on our specific circumstances.  But if we choose to do it it is fair to say it is because we think it is the best choice.


We don’t need to be shy about that.  We may be a minority, but we are growing in number.  As our numbers grow we help to reduce congestion and emissions and arrive at work happier.  We don’t selfishly take all the benefits ourselves.  Motorcycle commuting is the tide that will raise all ships.


The most important thing any of us can do on Ride To Work Day is participate.  Spread the joy and open eyes to the best kept transport secret in the UK.  Do it your way, do whatever you can.  We have a long way to go to get motorcycle commuting where it deserves to be.


Sign the petition for bus lane access, give your boss a copy of our Employer’s Guide.  Ask your elected representatives to support your transport choice.  Persuade your fellow road user to be Filter Friendly.  Share your thoughts and opinions.  Share your pictures, share your videos and share a smile.


Win a gift

The success of Ride To Work Day is down to you.  We would appreciate you sending your best pictures and video clips to us at MAG HQ.  We will put together a montage that we will use to promote Ride To Work Day 2023.  Any images or clips included in the video will get a thank you gift from us as well so make sure you give us your name and address when you send them in.

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