How can riders take part in Ride To Work Day?

So if you ride a motorcycle, how do you take part in Ride To Work Day?  Many riders already commute by motorcycle, so we don’t need to explain too much to them.  There are riders though, that leave their bike in the garage all week.

Take part in Ride To Work Day

The basics…

This may seem obvious but……..ride to work on Monday 15 June.  That’s it!  

Under the pandemic we appreciate that you might be furloughed or working from home. Therefore, we are not suggesting that you ignore the rules on travel. 

Why not do a virtual ride to work this year?  It may be pretending, but under the circumstances we will let you off.

Add a bit of social media

If you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you’re happy to post personal photos, take a pic at the start or end of your commute. Share it online using the hashtags #magridetowork #magridetoworkday  and #magridetoworkday2020.

There are some tips for pics below.

Tag in @MAGUKCentral and @ridetoworkday

Rope in some friends

*** Please remember to ensure your idea complies with the COVID guidance and apply the current social distancing guidelines. ****

If you all work in the same place…

Ask your work if you can have a bikers breakfast or other gesture of support.  Maybe they could allocate some parking to you for the day.  Space shouldn’t be a problem.  For instance, car-share bays will be unused at the moment!

If you need a few arguments on why they should support motorcycle commuting show them our employers guide.  You can find it on the resources page

If you work in different places…

Can you meet up and get a socially distanced photo before you set off?  Under the current rules (as at 3 June) the group can be no bigger than 6 people, though this may change before the 15th.  Is there a café or other biker-friendly spot that would be willing to be your meeting point?   Take and share pics as above.

If you’re a member of a motorcycle club…

You don’t have to be MAG affiliated to join the campaign – it’s an international campaign that began in the US in 1992.

Why not organise a club breakfast meet before you all ride to work?

Tell the press

One of the key aims of the campaign is to get the message across.  Motorcycles and scooters can make a massive contribution to getting the country moving again.

We’re a bit overlooked at the moment as the Government is focusing on walking and cycling.  Many commutes are just a bit too far for a pedal cycle, so a motorcycle is a perfect choice.

So if you’ve been able to pull together an event, get in touch with your local newspaper and radio stations and tell them.  Let them know how and why you are going to take part in Ride To Work Day.   There’s an outline press release on the resources page that you can adapt for your own use.  Try and send it over a few days before, to give the reporters time to decide if they can cover the event.

They might be unable to send someone along, so they might ask to do a pre-recorded interview.  Alternatively they may ask you to send your photos.  Maybe they will ask if you’d like to be live on air.  Your 15 seconds of fame awaits.

Enjoy the day

Above all this campaign is about promoting the joys of motorcycling.  So, if you can, please take part in Ride To Work Day 2020. 

Enjoy the day! 

Some tips on photos

  • Social distance! – Don’t give misguided critics any excuse to give riders flak.
  • Look cheerful. – Above all, we’re trying to show that riding to work is fun
  • Look like you’re going to work! – If you’ve got a sports bike try something fun like strapping a briefcase, your hard hat, or other work kit to the seat.
  • Be an ambassador for responsible biking. – Look like the fine upstanding citizens we know you are.
  • If you’re sending your picture to a newspaper they like to have everyone’s name, listed from left to right.
  • The newspaper will also need you to affirm that everyone in the photo is happy for it to be published. So make sure when you are setting it up that people know this is what the photo is being taken for.
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